4 Ways To Use LECA Balls

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LECA balls are versatile and can be used in both hydroponics and traditional plant care. Here are a few of the best ways to use them:

1. Hydroponic Growing:

LECA balls are an excellent medium for hydroponic systems, which grow plants in water rather than soil. Here’s a simple method:

Rinse the LECA balls thoroughly before use to remove any dust. For best results soak at least 24 to 48 hrs prior to use.
Place your plant in a net pot or container, then fill around the plant with LECA balls, ensuring the roots are well-supported.
Add nutrient-rich water to the container until the LECA balls are partially submerged. The balls will wick up the water and deliver it to the plant’s roots.


2. Semi-Hydroponics:

Semi-hydroponics is similar to hydroponics but uses a reservoir at the bottom of the container to hold the nutrient solution, and the LECA balls wick the solution up to the roots:

Rinse the LECA balls and soak them in water for a few hours.
Place a layer of LECA balls at the bottom of a container with drainage holes.
Position the plant on top of this layer, then fill in around it with more LECA, making sure it’s stable.
Add nutrient-rich water until it reaches about a quarter or third of the way up the LECA balls.

3. Traditional Potting:

You can also use LECA balls mixed with traditional potting soil to improve drainage and aeration:

Rinse the LECA balls thoroughly.
Mix the LECA balls with potting soil (about 1/3 LECA and 2/3 soil is a good start).
Plant as usual. The LECA balls will help prevent overwatering and improve soil aeration.

4. Propagating Cuttings:

LECA balls can also be used for propagating new plants from cuttings:

Rinse the LECA balls and soak them in water for a few hours.
Place the LECA balls in a container, then insert the cut end of your plant cutting into the LECA.
Keep the LECA balls moist (but not waterlogged) until roots begin to develop.

Remember to always rinse LECA balls before use to remove dust, and if you’re using them in a hydroponic or semi-hydroponic setup, to provide a water-based nutrient solution, as the LECA balls don’t offer any nutrition to the plant on their own.